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AMSA offers a variety of products, publications and merchandise for the moving industry. You have two ways to order — either by visiting our online store or by printing out an order form from our products catalog. AMSA members receive a discount on many items.

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Keeping your customers informed is always a best practice, and federal regulations require that household goods carriers furnish several documents to prospective interstate customers during the move planning process. These publications contain comprehensive information about the move process, help consumers understand the documents that they will sign, and inform consumers of their rights if their belongings are lost or damaged. 


Customer Service Letter Writing Manual

AMSA's Customer Service Letter-Writing Manual is the newest product for better management of all of your customer service communications. AMSA has compiled more than 40 sample letters to help you quickly respond to a range of customer service situations including appraisal, balance due, inspections and signatures needed for estimates. The manual also includes a reference section with do's and don'ts of letter-writing, opening and closing paragraphs, and military titles. This valuable and practical manual includes the sample letters on disc.

$25 AMSA members; $50 non-members

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Spanish CPL

The core program is a fully interactive CD-ROM training course that includes an introduction to moving and storage, customer relations, and claims prevention through packing, loading, unloading, safety and reporting procedures. CPL has received rave reviews from purchasers who noted that it helped them reduce claims, reduce trip and fall rates, and more! AMSA members can purchase this CD-ROM once for $400, and train as many as necessary! For an additional $50 per person, packers/loaders can take AMSA's packer/loader test and be certified, which allows them to demonstrate their credentials to customers.

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Promover Truck Decals

Show pride in your status as a ProMover by displaying the new ProMover truck decals! Available from our member discount partner OfficeMax in a set of three decals measuring 16" square, customized to display your motor carrier number in accordance with AMSA's ProMover logo usage guidelines. Each set of decals consists of three (3) decal sheets; two 16x16 inch sheets, and one sheet containing four smaller decals.

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AMSA Household Good Dispute Settlement Program

Federal regulations require movers to furnish this information to every COD household goods shipper before the move and again during the claim settlement process. Make sure you're in full compliance by always providing this informative publication, containing complete and current information about AMSA's Arbitration Program.

$55/100 brochures

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Trust Your Move to a Promover

Updated in 2013, AMSA’s professional color brochure is the ideal way to educate customers, suppliers and the media about this important program.

$55/100 brochures

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Claims Writing Manual for Claims Adjusters

$49 for AMSA members


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