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Certified Office & Industrial Consultant

Certified Office & Industrial Consultant

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The Program:

The Certified Office and Industrial Consultant (COIC) program provides training specifically designed for professional sales personnel in the office and industrial sector of the moving and storage industry. Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate, a credential verifying their certification, and will be listed on www.moving.org, AMSA’s consumer website. Each COIC also receives a complimentary copy of Direction, AMSA’s monthly magazine, and the association’s e-newsletter, AMSA Today.

An annual participation fee of $75.00 is required to maintain certification status. Consultants are recertified every two years based on credits achieved in two defined categories, “Personal Growth” and “Industry and Program Growth.” A minimum of four points from each category must be earned within each two-year period.

Current COICs click here for a re-certification form.

The Application:

Download the application here.

The completed application should be mailed to AMSA, along with the $100.00 application fee, which covers the manual, the testing, and the initial website listing. Applicants have six months from the time they receive the study manual to take the COIC exam. Questions about the program may be directed to MaryScott Tuck, AMSA Director of Training and Certification, at mtuck@moving.org or (703) 683-7410.

The Manual:

The COIC certification manual has eight sections covering topics that each sales consultant must be familiar with to provide professional sales and marketing services to the office and industrial sector:

Section 1: Promoting Your Company
Section 2: Costing and Pricing Office and Industrial Moves
Section 3: Profitability
Section 4: Estimating
Section 5: Planning a Successful Office and Industrial Move
Section 6: Managing an Office and Industrial Move
Section 7: Introduction to Claims
Section 8: Ethical Standards and Antitrust Compliance

The Testing:

The test must be taken within six months of receiving the manual and is based solely on the information provided in the manual.  The test must be proctored by a current COIC, CMC or a member of your company’s management team, and must be completed within one hour. AMSA will locate acceptable proctors in your vicinity when you are ready to take the test.

For more information about the COIC Program, please contact MaryScott Tuck at (703) 706-4985.

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