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RIM Policy & Guidelines and Code of Ethics

General Policy/Guidelines:

The Guidelines, Official Application and Special Group Offer constitute enforceable and legally binding documents. Any disputes or violations of the terms and conditions of these and other RIM documents are subject to arbitration through the American Arbitration Association in Alexandria, VA. In any such proceeding the Arbitrator shall have the authority to consider the commercial reasonableness of the these documents by reference to comparable standards in other agreements customarily used in this type of transaction. Companies or individuals which knowingly breach the terms and conditions of the RIM General Policy Guidelines will be subject to fines, sanctions and loss of RIM privileges administered by an Ethical Standards Committee of the RIM International Certification Committee. All RIMcompanies and individuals are required to read and comply with these Guidelines. In the event of a breach of these Guidelines, AMSA is authorized to commence an action seeking an injunction. Due to the difficulties in determining actual damages, a corporation or individual violating these Guidelines shall be liable for $100 per day in liquidated damages. Reasonable attorneys' fees shall be paid to AMSA in any action or proceeding seeking enforcement of its' rights under these Guidelines.

Voluntary certification:

While participation in RIM is encouraged for qualified companies and individuals, certification through the RIM Programs is strictly voluntary. Companies and individuals which do not participate in RIM programs are strictly prohibited from using the RIM credential for any purpose, including, without limitation, marketing or promotion.

Compliance with antitrust laws:

The RIM program and AMSA are in compliance with all U.S. Federal trade regulations and Anti-Trust laws. AMSA has filed a Business Review Letter with the Bureau of Competition, U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. It is the policy of RIM and AMSA that all of its certified companies and individuals comply strictly with all U.S. Federal and State trade regulations and Anti-trust laws.


All companies and individuals earning RIM Certification will be required to be recertified by meeting all RIM standards for recertification every year.

Prohibitions against duplication, re-sale, or sub-lease:

Any duplication, re-sale or sub-lease of the RIM Program or publication, in whole or in part, is strictly forbidden.

Trademark and copyrights:

The name and accompanying logo of "REGISTERED INTERNATIONAL MOVER" are protected as registered trademarks of the American Moving & Storage Association, Inc. ("AMSA"). Trademark infringements or violations may be processed through courts of competent jurisdiction, at the sole option of AMSA, where appropriate. Any use, sale, resale, display, representation, duplication or publication of the RIM trademarks and the RIM Program, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of AMSA is strictly prohibited. All RIM training programs and materials are subject to copyrights owned and administered through AMSA.


An individual seeking RIM Certification must pass the RIM Certification Test within 90 days of receiving the RIM Manual. The Company employing an individual or individuals seeking RIM Certification must meet all Warehouse Facilities and Equipment Requirements within 1 year from the date of the RIM Certification Test. No individuals passing their RIM Test will be issued RIM credentials until their company has been RIM Certified. These deadlines may be waived under special circumstances at the sole discretion of AMSA.

Changes In policy guidelines:

These Policy Guidelines may be changed at any time on 10 days' written notice, subject to authorization of the AMSA Board of Directors.

Code of Ethics

Having been officially certified by virtue of training, testing and inspection as a RIM Certified Company by the American Moving and Storage Association, a RIM Certified Company must pledge to uphold and advance the following ideals and principles which constitute the RIM Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices:

TO PLEDGE to provide honest, time-sensitive, cost-efficient, quality-driven international household goods moving & storage services, placing particular emphasis at all times on claims reduction and customer satisfaction.

TO HANDLE all customer household goods entrusted to our care with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

TO BE CONSCIOUS and considerate of customer needs and continually seek ways to improve the services which we provide.

TO ENGAGE in on-going continuing education and training, both formally and on-the-job.

TO PERFORM services as a RIM company with the highest level of concern for the safety and welfare of fellow

TO UNDERSTAND that the company is a representative of the RIM program at all times and will therefore strictly adhere to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity and fairness in all dealings with customers and the general public.

TO ADHERE to rules and regulations of the RIM certification program.

TO STRICTLY comply with all U.S. federal and state trade regulations and antitrust laws.