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Warehouse & Facility Standards

Applicants for AMSA’s Registered International Mover certification must meet the following warehouse standards:

The applicant is a full-service moving company with operating equipment, warehousing facilities, sales and administrative staff.

The appearance of the facility must be professional:

  • Free from debris
  • Free from inoperable equipment
  • Free from unusable crates/liftvans
  • The warehouse, docks, fences, and grounds are in good repair
  • Storage is palletized with OS and rug racks
  • Oversized item storage space

Fire, water, insect, rodent, security standards:

  • Company complies with local authority fire codes
  • Facility has filed and posted fire plan
  • Sprinkler or monitored fire control system
  • Facility is able to obtain flood insurance
  • Ground drainage is such as to prevent water from flowing under doors
  • All storage is at least two inches above the floor
  • A complete and monitored insect and rodent control program is in place
  • Windows, doors, and other openings are alarmed or secured with either monitored or sound security systems

The facility is constructed of fire-resistant materials. Brick, concrete, metal and block are acceptable.

The warehouse has a freight high dock or ramp to facilitate loading and unloading of freight trailers and steamship containers.

A method of moving liftvans and other crates from flatbed trucks into the warehouse by forklift is in place.

The company has proof of insurance for vehicle liability, cargo liability, warehouse bailee, fire and flood.

The company must maintain a constant inventory of at least 10 to15 company owned or maintained serviceable liftvans.

These requirements may be modified depending on special regional differences due to climate and/or local law and custom.