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BOC-3 Filing Service

What is a process agent?

The regulations of the FMCSA (49 USC 13304) require that each interstate motor carrier must designate an Agent of Process as a condition of being granted and maintaining their operating authority. The process agent serves as your statutory agent in each state where you have interstate operating authority; they act on your behalf to receive notice of any legal actions that may be filed against you in the state vis-á-vis the interstate shipments that you transport to, from or via that state. The process agent functions as a channel between you and the legal system and enables court actions to be served in the jurisdiction in which the event occurred.

AMSA has a network of attorneys across the country that fulfills this requirement on your behalf. This requirement is accomplished by filing a Form BOC-3, which must be met before your interstate authority can be issued.

AMSA has been offering this service for over 40 years, and we only use licensed attorneys to act as your process agent in each state. If for any reason you need legal representation to defend your company against a lawsuit, you can contact the process agent directly to retain their services.

Process agents are designated for interstate purposes; if you need a registered agent in a particular state, you would need to make a separate arrangement for that service.

For more information, you may contact our Membership department at (703) 683-7410 or download, complete and submit your BOC-3 form to be filed today!

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