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On-Demand Webinars

AMSA is pleased to offer flexible training options that fit your busy schedule with our extensive library of On-Demand Webinars. From industry finance, valuation and pest management, to managing your online reputation and improving leadership skills, AMSA's collection of On-Demand Webinars has something for everyone. On-Demand Webinars help you stay current on industry issues and acquire new skills on your schedule - even during peak season!

On-Demand Webinars are $49 each for AMSA members; $79 for non-members

12 Surefire Ways Movers Can Protect their Online Reputation

This webinar will show movers how to proactively protect their business from brand-damaging online chatter while simultaneously leveraging the online conversation to fuel growth. Participants will learn the core principles of online reputation management (ORM), as well as 12 proven ORM tactics. Instructions will be provided so that participants can implement many of the tactics right away.

Presented by Jeff Wilson, Marketing Services Dallas


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Catastrophic Planning

What would you do if you received a call that one of your tractor trailers was involved in a fatal accident? Do you have a plan in place? What if the local tornado alarms are blaring or the weather is calling for flooding? This webinar will help you to establish a catastrophic plan to help minimize your company's claim exposure, protect your customers' shipments, and secure your facilities and equipment. Colleen Shepherd and Brad Hughes will walk you through your responsibilities and liabilities in a variety of real world catastrophic situations.
Presented by Colleen Shepherd and Brad Hughes, Vanliner Insurance

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Changes in Warehouse Law

With OSHA, HIPPA, FMCSA, DOT and your state regulating your warehouse, changes in laws can be complex and not easily available, especially when you have all of these different agencies to pay attention to. Kevin Phillips and Bob Henry with the Scopelitis Law Firm will help you to better understand the changes in warehouse law, talk about any need to know key issues, and where you can find updates or changes made to the law. While it may seem daunting and difficult to stay up-to-date on all of the guidelines, it is important for the welfare of your company to stay compliant, and this webinar will help you do so.

Presented by Kevin Phillips and Bob Henry with the Scopelitis Law Firm


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Employee and Background Screening, Process and Policy

This session will broaden your understanding of best practices for screening all employees; inform you about local, state, and federal government requirements; and underscore the importance of a uniform background check for all employees.  Participants will also learn the importance of having clear policies and procedures in place for employment screening, to protect your company.

Presented by Robert Keller of CastleBranch


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Finance for Movers - Cash is King

Cash is king, and in this session you will learn about the various types of cash flow and the drivers of cash flow from both the balance sheet and income statement. The moving and storage business is seasonal and it is important to understand why, in the peak of the season when profits are the highest, cash flow may be the lowest. Planning for and understanding cash flow is very important to ensure that the company will be able to pay its bills throughout the year.

Presented by David Duryee

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Finance for Movers - Financial Ratios

In this session Dave will carefully explain how to properly read and analyze your balance sheet and income statement. In one hour you will learn how to go beyond the numbers and understand what your financial statements are really telling you.

Presented by David Duryee

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How to Make Your Exhibit Matter

So you are exhibiting, what now? Let Shepard’s experts show you how the best exhibitors save money and have better returns on investments with a few simple rules. Learn how to create a booth that is both interesting and professional, the best ways to draw people in, how to handle conversations, and how to spot a potential client from someone who is simply browsing. Make your next convention or conference truly matter by learning the dos and don'ts of exhibiting.

Presented by Susan Ratliff


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Local Leads - 27 Easy Ways to Radically Improve Your Company Website

Is your website pulling its weight? Or is it just sitting there while you do all the hard work? In this webinar you will discover how you can make small, ongoing improvements to your website that will make it a productive contributor to your bottom line! This informative webinar will help you learn:
• Why your moving business should care about - and invest in - its website (hint: it doesn't take much to make a difference)
• Proven tweaks that will yield BIG gains in the effectiveness of your content and messaging
• Simple, actionable tips that will help you leverage the most important property in your online portfolio!

Presented by Jeff Wilson Marketing


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Maxwell's First Law - The Law of the Lid

Learn How to Improve Your Leadership Skills — and Those of Others! Your leadership ability is the "lid" that determines your level of effectiveness, but you can become a better leader. So says Dr. John C. Maxwell in his New York Times bestseller, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In this webinar, Bobby Albert of Albert Moving & Storage will discuss Maxwell's insights, gleaned from his 40-plus years of leadership successes and mistakes with observations from the worlds of business, politics, sports, religion, and the military. You'll discover the 21 laws that make leadership work successfully, and learn valuable techniques to help you to improve your abilities. By incorporating these laws into your life, you can transform the quality of your leadership immeasurably. Maxwell's laws will also help you to train your team to become better, more productive leaders. As you develop your staff, you will begin to see a positive impact on your whole organization. The result will be more motivated, better-equipped, more productive, and more efficient players within your organization.

Presented by Bobby Albert, Albert Moving & Storage


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Moving with Your Four-Legged Family Members

This webinar will help you prepare your customers to move their family pets. Whether you are moving them yourself or having a service take care of them, across the country or around the world, there are a lot of details. We'll cover a number of things you can do to make the move easier and less stressful on the non-human members of the family, from preparing your pet for travel; choosing the right container; and quarantine (if required).

Presented by Dr. Walter Woolf of Air Animal


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Pest Control for Movers

This webinar will introduce you to the most common pests affecting our industry. The experts from Arrow exterminating will explain very simple ways to reduce or eliminate these pests from your shipments and warehouses.

Presented by Jose Dolagaray of Arrow Exterminators


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Power of the People and Real Reviews

Learn how Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon and other crowdsourcing review websites have impacted the relationship consumers have with businesses. You'll also get tips on how to create fans of your own and manage your online reputation.

Presented by Shannon Cullins, Vice President and General Manager, HomeFinder.com


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Real or Fake, Part 1

From golf clubs and designer hand bags to priceless porcelain figures and high-end make-up products, learn how to protect your business against false claims. You will learn the tell-tale signs that all household goods professionals need to know to spot a fake.

Presented by Debbie Morales, President Metro Claims Service


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Real or Fake, Part 2

Art forgeries are becoming more commonplace and how can you tell real artwork from knock-offs. This session will continue what was started in Part 1 and expand to oil and water color paintings and ceramic forgeries from the growing popularity of South American and Mexican ceramics.

Presented by Debbie Morales, President Metro Claims Service


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Records Management & Storage

Getting Started: Things to Consider when Starting a Records Management and Storage Company This session is designed for those new to the business of commercial records storage and management or those looking to expand their existing businesses to draw on the knowledge and expertise of those who have already been there. The session will cover all the fundamental aspects of starting and growing a successful records center. Topics will include areas such as accounting/finance, equipment/technology, space/location, and sales/marketing. .

Presented by Sherri Taylor of Armstrong Archives


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Secrets and Strategies to Maximize Free Publicity

Publicity can be powerful and valuable. Master the tricks to attracting the media and generate thousands of dollars in free exposure for your business or organization, drive traffic to your booth, promote an event, or position yourself as an expert. Learn how to work with the media, get your name in the news and use it for profit and promotion. Susan Ratliff will teach attendees the six proven principals for attracting publicity and share personal strategies and examples from her years of experience as a media magnet to help you develop a plan for obtaining positive, high visibility publicity that will keep your name in the minds of your customers .

Presented by Susan Ratliff, award-winning business owner, entrepreneur and author with thirty-five years of experience in sales and marketing.


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Seven Easy Actions to Better Manage Your Vehicles

Seemingly innocent slippage can reduce profits, hurt morale and end up costing you more than a tank of fuel. Here's a look at seven easy actions you can take to better manage your fleet and minimize expenses:

  • Set fleet management goals
  • Generate a fleet profile
  • Design a fleet expense policy
  • Choose the right tools to assist in your efforts
  • Use controls and alerts to maintain policies and prevent fraud
  • Use electronic systems to streamline administration
  • Regular program review and optimization

Presented by Spencer Lewis, Partner Acquisition Manager for WEX Fleet One, an AMSA Member Discount Program partner.


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Staying Legal Part 1: Interstate Regulations

This webinar will explain to interstate household goods movers how to work in the post anti-trust enviorment, what pre-move paperwork is required, explain the new valuation options and offer guidence for payments and collections.

Presented by Dave Hauenstein, 30-year industry veteran.


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Staying Legal Part 2: Valuation

In Part 2 of the Staying Legal webinar series, industry regulatory expert Dave Hauenstein reviews the most current valuation rules. Are you following the guidelines and is your company compliant? Learn all you need to know about interstate quote criteria; language required on the bill of lading; required pre-shipment paperwork; and updated valuation calculations.

Presented by Dave Hauenstein, 30-year industry veteran.


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The BBB: Keys to Better Understanding

The Better Business Bureau often stirs up strong feelings among AMSA members. Some serve on local BBB boards, while others feel they're gotten the short shrift from the organization. The key to making everyone as satisfied as possible is better communication and a better understanding of each other. This webinar will discuss how chapters interact with movers, and will give you guidance and insights into how the BBB operates.

Presented by Carol Stuart, Karen Szulczewski and Rod Davis; BBB


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Top Ten FMCSA Violations and How to Avoid Them

This webinar provides a discusson of the ten most commonly found FMCSA violations and how you can correct them. This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the most important FMCSA regulatory requirments for handling household goods shipment for COD customers and offers tips on how to prepare for an FMCSA audit. You’ll learn about the FMCSA conusmer regulations and what you should do and provide your customers to satisfy the federal requirements.

Presented by Dave Hauenstein


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Understanding the Affordable Care Act

In this webinar, we address how the ACA affects you, including whether it applies to you, the ACA's new healthcare requirements, and the liability exposure if you do not comply. Other topics will include brief overviews of: the Health Exchange/Marketplace the employer mandate the individual mandate which provisions are delayed and which are not the impact on independent contractor status This interactive program will provide opportunities for you to ask questions, and is perfect for anyone unfamiliar with the ACA and would like to gain a better understanding.

Presented by: Kathryne Feary-Gardner of Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.


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Using CRM & Engagement Marketing to Drive More Business

This informative webinar will demonstrate the best practices for selecting and deploying a CRM to drive more profitable growth to your company. The ProMover brand is a great way to help you differentiate your company from the pack. We will discuss 3 key ways you can use a CRM and engagement marketing coupled with the ProMover brand to drive more warm prospects to your company. There are many proven techniques used by other industries that are a perfect fit for the moving industry. We will also discuss how you can use these tools to result in measurable ROI. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and really understand the pitfalls to avoid with CRM's and focus on the processes that have driven results to companies year after year.

Presented by Frank Craig and Larry Dillion


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Using a Blog to Market Yourself as a Promover

By now, you've probably heard of blogs - online collections of usually short, informative articles on a given topic that are updated fairly frequently. But should your website have one? How do you know? How would it function? And most importantly, how can a blog bring you more business?

Presented by Rob Ursino, Marketing & Communications Manager for MSS, a third-party service provider, is a member of AMSA's Chairman's Circle and was also the first recipient of AMSA's Summit Award for supplier members in 2010. Rob also serves on AMSA's Communications Advisory Committee. Rob discusses a range of topics, including: how to work with WordPress, a popular blog hosting service; the difference between free and paid themes; working with plugins and widgets; and RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. If you're serious about improving your online presence, or would just like to know more, this webinar is for you. He'll introduce you to both concepts and specific tools you can use to boost your online content and expand your customer base. He'll also discuss how to integrate this material on Facebook.


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