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Tariff 400NG

SDDC updates their 400NG Tariff at least once per year.  The next 400NG Tariff update with take effect 5/15/2016.  The current version of the 400NG Tariff will be effective until 5/14/17.  AMSA produces software that calculates charges based on this tariff.  If you subscribe to AMSA's 400NG software program and have not installed an update for 2016, or if you would like to purchase the software subscription, please contact AMSA at (703) 683-7410.

Download 400NG Tariff Rules NEW (Effective May 15, 2016) - Updated May 10, 2016  PDF

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Military Tariff 400NG (Published by the American Moving & Storage Association)

tariff 400NGAMSA is now offering for sale software for the military tariff 400NG, an electronic, automated tariff and the rating engine used in the SDDC DPS system for the new DP3 program.

The new military tariff is easy to use and easy to understand. Tariff 400NG uses 3-digit zip codes and the weight of the shipment to quickly and accurately rate shipments between any points in the US. Now, to rate a military shipment, you only need to know the weight and the zip codes where it's picked up and delivered. The new tariff incorporates many of the commonly applied but complex individual service charges, like elevator, flight and excessive distance carry charges, into a single Origin/Destination Service Charge that simplifies the application of the tariff.

Tariff 400NG uses rates as of 1-1-2008 including annual General Price Adjustments each January!

Tariff 400NG easily calculates full-shipment packing on a weight basis. This method bases the charges on the weight of the shipment and eliminates the need to calculate or audit individual carton costs. All subscribers to the 400NG tariff will be able to download future updates directly from AMSA’s website.

Quick. Easy. Efficient. Network versions are also available. Call AMSA at (703) 683-7410 for details.

GSA01 Tariff

GSA01 TariffGSA has replaced the old 415 tariff with an updated version entitleed GSA01. This tariff applies to non-DoD government shipments in the CHAMP program. Unlike the 400NG, this tariff is a manual tariff without a CD. Subscribers receive updated pages from AMSA whenever GSA changes the tariff.

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