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AMPAC is AMSA's political action committee, which provides important financial contributions for selected members of Congress who support our stands on key legislation and are positioned to play a leading role in critical legislative debates.

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Among our priority issues, we emphasize industry and government efforts to eliminate illegal and unethical movers, provide consumer protection, and support reauthorization of federal surface transportation programs that guarantee improved highways and bridges and reduce congestion. AMSA, also supports strong pro-business policies.

Why is AMPAC important?

In Washington, an industry's advocacy or lobbying efforts are enhanced by the actions of its political action committee (PAC). AMPAC helps provide movers a seat at the congressional negotiating table by electing politicians who can push for the moving industry's public policy agenda. A strong AMPAC works to establish AMSA's presence in the halls of Congress, as well as help to put AMSA on a level playing field with larger associations and advocacy groups. The future of the moving and storage industry depends on the decisions made by elected officials, and we have the ability to elect politicians who understand the interests of the moving industry and will support and advocate for our issues.

What's in it for you?

The most important return for your membership in AMPAC is a prosperous moving industry and a secure future for you and your company. AMPAC gives you an opportunity to participate in the political process, voice your concerns before lawmakers and support members of Congress willing to be leaders and advocates on our behalf. To help assist your legislative activism, AMSA provides newsletters and publications to keep you current with activities on Capitol Hill, and when appropriate and needed we will invite you to attend Congressional events and political fundraisers so you may get to know your members of Congress.

How do I join AMPAC?

If you or your company are a member of AMSA, you may be eligible to join AMPAC. To register. please complete this form. For more information or the status of your membership, contact Paul Oakley at poakley@moving.org.

Download an AMPAC contribution form

For more information, contact:

Paul Oakley
Executive Vice President
Phone: (703) 706-4991
Fax: (703) 683-9615

E-mail: poakley@moving.org