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Moving Day on the Hill


Each year, more than 100 owners and executives from moving companies both large and small visit with members of Congress during Moving Day on the Hill. Hosted by the American Moving & Storage Association, Moving Day on the Hill brings together industry leaders and stakeholders from across the country to urge Congress to pass legislation on issues important to the industry, such as Hours of Service rules, highway funding, and strengthening consumer protection.

Here are some of the topics AMSA members are presenting to members of Congress during this year's Moving Day on the Hill:

Permanent Removal of the Restrictive 34-Hour Restart Rule

A more restrictive restart rule on hours-of-service (HOS) would severely limit the amount of time a van operator has to complete the job and would push van operators to work more during peak congestion times. It may also harm a van operators' health since they would have to change their normal sleep cycles and have less chance to rest as they see fit. AMSA also objects to any additional limitations placed on the hours-of-service rules that are not based on sound science and a thorough public debate. The appropriations bill that temporarily halted the more restrictive restart rule contained a drafting error that must be corrected immediately. Both the House and the Senate have tried to address this issue in their respective 2017 fiscal year bills, but AMSA supports the House's approach to fully restore the less restrictive restart rule.

Halting the Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor's unilateral changes to federal overtime regulations will have a profound impact on moving and storage companies. Our members will have to review the status of all salaried employees and determine whether to raise their salaries above the new threshold or to convert them to an hourly rate. The rule would have significant negative outcomes such as reducing the hours an employee can work or stopping a company's desire to hire additional employees. This rule is set to begin on Dec. 1. Several legislative efforts are moving in the House and Senate that will stall the rule until further analysis is completed on the economic impact to smaller companies.

Stopping the Safety Fitness Determination rulemaking before Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Reform Is Implemented

The FMCSA proposes to integrate elements of a flawed CSA program in the carrier Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) process. This means that a household goods carrier could be shut down for having bad scores in a program that the government has admitted is flawed. This proposed rule should be stopped until the CSA reforms mandated by Congress in the FAST Act are implemented and the National Academy of Sciences has a chance to review the CSA methodology. AMSA has worked hard to fight this misguided rule by including language in the House's appropriations bill that would require CSA reform to be completed before the SFD rule could move forward.

These are urgent issues that demand immediate action to inform Congress on the impact to jobs and businesses in their districts and states. Fight for your business and your industry by joining AMSA for Moving Day on the Hill. Register now!