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Wednesday Webinars


AMSA is pleased to offer you flexible training options that fit your busy schedule with our Wednesday Webinars, in addition to our other training and certification programs.

AMSA reserves the right to cancel a webinar due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make it non-viable. In the event that the webinar is cancelled the attendees may choose to attend a future webinar or receive a refund. For more information, or to register for these events, contact MaryScott Tuck, AMSA Director of Education and Training, at mtuck@moving.org.

Please note: Registration for webinars will be closed one hour prior to the start of the webinar.

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Top Ten Legal Issues for Carriers

October 22, 2:00 PM Eastern

This webinar provides a discussion of the ten most commonly found legal issues for interstate carriers and how you can prevent them.

Presented by Greg Feary and Bob Henry from Scopelitis Law Firm

Registration is $49 for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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Finance for Movers - Session 3: Cash Flow

October 30, 2:00 PM Eastern

“I can see my profits but where is my cash?” is the plaintive cry of many business owners. Cash is King, and this session will discuss and define the various types of Cash Flow and introduce two Cash Flow ratios that will allow you to measure Cash Flow as well as profitability. Special tips on maximizing Cash Flow will be discussed so that you will never again wonder “where is my cash?”

Presented by David Duryee, Director at Horizon Management Services

Registration is $49 for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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Warehouse Liens

November 5, 2:00 PM Eastern

Your ability to enforce a warehouse lien on shipments in your warehouse is one of the most important tools you have. Learn how to go about this process and where to find the specific requirements for your state from the experts at Scopelitis Law Firm. If a customer owes you money, make sure you are staying legal before you hold onto their goods.

Presented by Kevin Phillips and Bob Henry of the Scopelitis Law Firm

Registration is $49 for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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Engagement Marketing for More Business

November 13, 2:00 PM Eastern

There are many proven marketing techniques that drive engagement to bring more business. We will discuss the techniques that are a perfect fit for the moving industry, and how you can use these tools to result in measurable ROI. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and really understand the pitfalls to avoid with Customer Relationship Management, and focus on the processes that have driven results to companies year after year.

Presented by Frank Craig and Larry Dillion from Wendover Corporation

Registration is $49 for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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