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Certified Packer/Loader

AMSA Certified Packer/Loader

AMSA's base level training for packer/loaders has received rave reviews. Here is what previous purchasers have said:

"After training my staff with AMSA's CPL program, we reduced claims by 5%."

"AMSA's CPL Program helped us quickly establish common terminology among employees. Now, when someone asks for a 3.1 carton, he gets a 3.1 instead of silly questions."

"The CD is easy to understand, even for employees who speak English as a second language."

"AMSA's CPL program played a role in reducing trip and fall issues, and contributed to a zero accident rate and zero workers comp rate."

AMSA's Certified Packer Loader (CPL) Program delivers on-site training for your packers and loaders on your timetable. Buy once; train as many as you like!

The CPL program is easy! Each training segment ranges from two minutes to 30 minutes. The program explains both basic and special loading & packing techniques and includes a special section dedicated to safety and reporting issues.

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Once training is complete, download and complete application for CPL certification.

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