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MSI Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service is presented each year by the Moving & Storage Institute to an individual who has demonstrated leadership, professionalism and integrity and made a significant contribution through technology, operations and/or sales innovation that has led to industry growth and advancement.

Recognized as a prestigious symbol of leadership, innovation, integrity and service, the award is given to an active AMSA member with at least 20 years of service in the moving and storage industry. The recipient must have contributed to the planning, promotion and execution of a special project and/or have advanced the industry through technological development, services or techniques. Additionally, the winner must have enhanced the overall public image of the moving and storage industry through leadership within the community.

The Moving & Storage Institute Board of Directors, state association executives, past recipients of the award, and AMSA's Board of Directors nominate and vote for the winning candidate. The identity of the winner remains confidential until the award is announced during AMSA’s Education Conference & Expo.

For more information, contact MaryScott Tuck at (703) 706-4985 or mtuck@moving.org.

The 2016 MSI Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service was awarded to Patricia McLaughlin,
Executive Director, Illinois Movers' and Warehousemen's Association.

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Prior Recipients

2015   Maureen Beal   1997   Matthew M. Smith
2014   Rich McClure   1996   Gerard Barrieau, Sr.
2013   Mike Shaffer   1995   Sidney Epstein
2012   Scott Ogden (Direction article, Nov/Dec 2013)   1994   Parker New
2011   John Westerberg (Direction article, Nov/Dec 2012)   1993   Don Storseth
2010   Paul Arpin, Sr. (post-humous) [Direction article, Jan/Feb 2012]   1992   Stanley Cirker
2009   Charles G. McDaniel [news release]   1991   no recipient this year
2008   Stephen F. Burns [news release, Direction article, March 2009]   1990   Daniel W. Dunn
2007   David Graebel [news release, Direction interview, June 2008]   1989   Robert O. Wogstad
2006   Richard Russell [news release]   1988   Arthur E. Morrissette, Sr.
2005   Douglas Hill   1987   E. Sadler Morgan
2004   Morrison M. Stevens, Sr. [news release]   1986   David Brodsky
2003   A. Quinn Bell [news release]   1985   Ralph Rolapp
2002   Joseph M. Harrison   1984   Robert L. Tull
2001   J. Paul Levine   1983   Milo W. Bekins, Sr.
2000   Maurice Greenblatt [news release]        
1999   Michael P. Fergus        
1998   Robert J. Baer        
1997   Matthew M. Smith