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Wednesday Webinars


AMSA is pleased to offer you flexible training options that fit your busy schedule with our Wednesday Webinars, in addition to our other training and certification programs.

AMSA reserves the right to cancel a webinar due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make it non-viable. In the event that the webinar is cancelled the attendees may choose to attend a future webinar or receive a refund. For more information, or to register for these events, contact MaryScott Tuck, AMSA Director of Education and Training, at mtuck@moving.org.

Please note: Registration for webinars will be closed one hour prior to the start of the webinar.

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Warehouse Liens

Wednesday, October 7 at 2PM Eastern

Whether you have or plan to have household goods or commercial merchandise stored in your warehouse, you'll want to make sure your warehouse is protected from an inability to assert a warehouse lien, and preserve the ability to collect storage charges from a deadbeat customer by creating the right type of lien and preserving the ability to enforce the lien. This webinar will offer the reassurance you need that a warehouse lien is created properly and will address the following topic areas:

  • Basic types of warehouse liens
  • Creating a valid and legally binding warehouse lien
  • Essential terms that must be included in a warehouse receipt
  • Enforcement of a warehouse lien
  • Notice letters, time schedules and other issues related to enforcement of a warehouse lien


Presented by Robert Rothstein, Esq. of Seaton & Husk L. P.

How Working Habit Diversity Can Impact Your Workplace

Wednesday, October 14 at 2PM Eastern

Imagine for a minute that you work in a place where everyone thinks the same way. Would you be able to easily generate new ideas? Would the team have the ability to understand things from a different point of view? This talk will give you a basic understanding of diversity of thinking and how it can contribute to the success of your organization. We’ll also look at how conflicting behaviors and difficult people may be easier to work with than we thought.

Without diversity in the workplace, organizations run the risk of only viewing things from a very limited perspective. Rather than address the legal underpinnings and requirements related to diversity, such as race, age, gender, etc., this talk focuses on how to leverage the diversity that exists within your organization.

  • Identify types of thinking and behavior diversity in the workplace
  • Understand the value diversity brings to organizations
  • Be more aware of how diversity can impact the workplace


Presented by Performance Specialist Marla Markoff from Insperity

So You Still Think You Know (Mostly) Household Goods Claims
How to Handle Household Goods Claims and Everything that Comes with Them

Wednesday, October 28 at 2PM Eastern

The busy summer season may be over, but work isn't letting up due to claims season! Take this refresher course to learn about all things claims, including household goods claims, tariffs, paperwork, broker vs. carrier, delivering to mini storage, auction sales, residential property damage claims, fuel spills and best practices. Be prepared for any and all claims this season.

Presented by Chad Stockel and Gary Turek of Vanliner Insurance Company

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