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Wednesday Webinars


AMSA is pleased to offer you flexible training options that fit your busy schedule with our Wednesday Webinars, in addition to our other training and certification programs.

AMSA reserves the right to cancel a webinar due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make it non-viable. In the event that the webinar is cancelled the attendees may choose to attend a future webinar or receive a refund. For more information, or to register for these events, contact MaryScott Tuck, AMSA Director of Education and Training, at mtuck@moving.org.

Please note: Registration for webinars will be closed one hour prior to the start of the webinar.

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10 Crazy Things to Make Your International Move Smoother

September 24, 2:00 PM Eastern

Traveling abroad is an adventure and a great experience. Moving abroad, however wonderful, can prove challenging. As a moving professional you want your consumer’s move to go as unhindered as possible. Do you want to hear:

  • The danger of dirt in unwashed flower pots?
  • The cricket vs the vehicle!
  • Can I ship my wine collection?
  • Why Customs deems household goods high risk?
  • How can Customs say “We do not charge for exams”?
  • This webinar will offer helpful information to make your international moves easier.

    Presented by Deb Gallagher

    Registration is $49 for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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    AMSA’s New Van Operator Website Review

    October 21, 2:00 PM Eastern

    Join the AMSA team on Wednesday, October 21 at 2PM Eastern, as we unveil the newly launched driver recruiting website and give you a personal tour of its contents. The presentation will include a comprehensive review of the three key areas of the site, including content for potential new drivers, existing van operators, and a members-only section that provides best practices for driver recruitment and retention. Participants will also learn how their company may be included on the site.

    Presented by Rachel Peretz, Director of Marketing and Programs at AMSA.

    Registration is Free for AMSA members; $79 for non-members


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